I breastfeed him 100%, when I started on rice cereal ( 4 1/2 mo. old) he started to get this rash on neck and back very bad, it was pinkish first and then it got really red, Doc. gave me Hydrocortisone and it got a lot better, at this time I stopped cereal and I also stopped mild baby shampoo, just in case… anyway…he has had this rash for about a month now, it doesn’t look red now but I can feel his skin and IT IS NOT soft at all, I feel some dry bumps but they do not look bad. I don’t want to use this medication all the time, I red that babies have this for a while sometimes until 9 or 12 months… yuck!.

At first, it was really bad on the neck area and back only, when it came back..it only came on bely and diaper area and legs!

H>E>L>P !

Please help!