My 9 month old has suddenly developed a weird rash all over her body that kind of looks like chicken pox (ive ruled that out because of immunizations).It started yesterday with a few pimple looking things below her chin and then she started getting barely noticable little red dots and when i went to give her a bath today they were full out little bright red dots all over her arms legs feet and hands and a little bit on her back and face….i havent changed her laundry detergent and vaccumed our carpet several times yesterday to rule that out.I havent changed anything!She has been really tired and irritable since yesterday too sleeping alot more than she normally does but she has no fever.Could this maybe have something to do with her getting one of her eye teeth in?
ding dong huh?sounds a little immature dipshit.Obviously a called the nurse helpline but they said it wasnt serious enough to take her to the doctor cuz she had no fever
I trust the nurses i was just wondering if anyone would know what it was or could be and being cautious,if i thought it was really serious we would be at the hospital already