Question by gammad: how do you clean the shingles rash?
my husband has developed shingles. is it ok to shower and bathe with this very painful rash?

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Answer by Hoodie
When i had poisen ivey i used this thing that’s a bath soother. It’s not just for poisen ivey it’s for any rash, it works GREAT i loved it. It doesnt hurt your rash at all it feels really good. But if your husbands someone who likes hot water make sure he doesnt put it on too hot or it will hurt really bad. make sure his bath is just warm, not hot. You can get these bath soothers at CVS pharmacy and they come in a box. Their in a little package when u take them out and 1ce u start the water and u get it at the right temperature u poor it in slowly. The stuff in the package should look kinda like oatmeal before u put it in. Then it disolves in the bath. And yes it is okay to have him bathe, its more painful with a shower but he needs to get the oil/bacteria from whatever caused it off of him so it doesn’t spread on his body. Hope i helped! and i hope ur husband gets better! ouch!

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