Question by i: impetigo diaper rash?
my baby has a diaper rash (i think its impetigo) do i use neosporin or do i use corn starch? do i want to keep it dry? or do i want to keep it moist with neosporin.. i dont know what to do? i think im overobsessing about this~ what do i dooooo??? dry powder or moist antibiotic?

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Answer by zippythejessi
If the sores are open and weeping or oozing, you need a prescription for it.

Until you get him to the doctor, don’t put either of those things on it. Use plain warm water and a mild soap like Dove on it. Don’t scrub. Use some Balmex or Desitin or Triple Paste if you can get it. If you can let him go without a diaper, please do. The air is good for it.

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