Question by Assan A: Itchy Red Skin rashes which appear only at night and disappear in 1 Hrs time. Is is ARS?
2 months before I had safe sex. Her viginal fluid touch my fingers during sex.
After second week I had red bumpy rashes at the lower part of my neck and later Rashes on Arms and elbow the same night.

* The rashes POP up generally at night time and DISAPPEAR in 1 hrs time.
* I do not have fever and or any other pain.

For the past 3 weeks i am taking anti-allergic pills given by
a skin doctor.

Are this symptoms for ARS?
I am really worried and unable to focus on my work.

What do you suggest

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Answer by sweetness
NO If your a man and used protection with a woman the chances of you catching HIV from her are so incredibly small..That doesn’t sound at all like ARS symptoms which are an unreliable way to diagnose hiv infection anyways since most people don’t get symptoms

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