Question by Chris G: My 12 week old yellow lab puppy has developed a stomach rash. What can cause this?
My puppy is on Frontline Plus, and does not seem to be bothered by fleas. We have wood floors in most of the house where he plays, but do not use harsh cleaners. I first noticed a problem when he would drag himself across the ground with his front paws. He does this in the grass, and also on the bedroom carpet. He scratches fairly often, but seems to tolerate it well. I saw a similar post suggest a salve of vaseline douche powder. Any other suggestions? My fiance is trying to book a vet appointment, but I would welcome any advice that might get the poor guy some relief. Thanks.

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Answer by Bruce S
I think your fiance is on the right track. It may be caused by some sort of allergy/allergies and your vet will likely know the best course of action, if it is allergy-related. Bottom line: don’t treat what you don’t understand. You may worsen the condition.

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