Question by Dark Goddess: My 16 month old daughter has a weird rash all over her body. What is causing it?
My 16 month old daughter has a rash all over her stomach and back and now a little bit on her face. At this moment it does not seem to be bothering her. There is nothing new that has been introduced to her food wise or other wise. She has been cutting some teeth very heavily, and I have heard of children getting a rash from teething but I have never seen a rash like this from teething. They are very tiny red bumps and they cover her. She also for a couple of days ran a temp of 100 or 101 but that has since broken~ She is acting like her normal self, she is not eating or sleeping that good but some of that is just par for the course I guess. I guess it just bothers me that this rash just came out of nowhere….any tips ideas would be nice. I have already given her some benadryl and a aveno bath.
thanks so far for all the advice but it is 5:30pm.m here and my pediatrician is not open until monday

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Answer by none of yo business
i know what you mean my lil cousin had it he went to the doctor and they said it was a viral rash like a rash from a virus thats the best explanation try bringing her to the doctor they’ll give you some kind of creme

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