Last week i noticed i had a little welt on my upper arm about the size of a quarter and thought maybe a bug had bitten me. That night i woke up at 3am and the welt had gotten much bigger it went from my shoulder to my elbow and went almost all the way around my arm. My eye, ear and lower lip where also swollen. At about 9am i went to the doctors. At this point my eye, ear and lower lip were just about back to normal but the welt on my arm was the same. We thought maybe i had been bitten by a spider or something and she prescribed me antibiotics for 7 days and told me to take benadryl.

So i took all the antibiotics and the welt on my arm went away and my eye, ear and lower lip went back to normal. But since then my upper lip, eye and ear have all gotten swollen and i have gotten random little welts in different spots all over my body. All these things seem to go away in about 6-12 hours. They are not itchy and do not hurt.

Has anyone ever heard of anything like this before?
I thought it my be an allergic reaction to something but i really can not think of anything that would have caused it. I have not eaten anything new and all my personal care product are the same that have always been.