Within the past two days, my dog has developed a red raised rash in his stomach. I called the vet but they can’t see him until Thurs (they are closed on Weds). The vet didn’t seem too worried and it does not appear to be irritating him that much.

He is not constantly scratching or biting at the rash but I can tell it bothers him. He has taken to laying on a soft blanket instead of the carpet.

I cleaned my carpets and wonder if it is an allergic reaction to the chemicals used…..or perhaps our grass/fertilizer out back. He is a house dog who only goes out to ‘take care of business’ and has had his flea/tick drops this month.

Are there any topical ointments that are safe to use on dogs until the vet can see him? I thought about a hydrocortisone cream but am not sure if it is safe to use on dogs.

Also – on the off chance that it is mange, what is the incubation period as we adopted him three weeks ago but the rash just started on Sunday.